Smart with Money Fair – Volunteers Needed!

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  The 4th annual Marshfield High School Smart with Money Fair will be held March 7th and 8th, and for the first time, will be open to the entire senior class at Marshfield High (350 students) ! This is an incredibly educational event that teaches students lessons in personal finance such as: budgeting saving not… Read more »

Annual Financial Checklist

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Take some time every January to review your financial affairs.  And take some time every December to review your tax liability.  Looking back over the last calendar year, what went well?  What went poorly?  What needs some attention? What needs fixing, and how are you going to fix it?   Is your Comprehensive, Written Financial… Read more »

An Unusual Holiday Gift for You

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The first part of this article will be little scary (and not filled with holiday cheer). Your special gift comes at the end. According to the website StudentLoanHero there are 44.2 million Americans that carry college debt (it must be true if it’s on the internet). Some 11.1% of these loans (well over four million… Read more »

It Is What It Is!

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I just passed 35 years in the financial business.  There are times when it is fun, or at the very least peaceful.  There are times when it is scary and unsettling.  It’s never been boring.  During the good times, I spend a lot of my time telling folks to enjoy those great investment returns, and… Read more »

Being a Smart Buyer

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From what I understand, the real estate market in some areas is quite competitive these days. In competitive markets, when sellers receive multiple offers, it’s important for buyers to be “attractive.” The most attractive buyer isn’t necessarily the one with the highest offer; it could be the one that doesn’t need a mortgage to purchase…. Read more »

Investment Process Refresher

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I’m not quite sure how to describe the collective mood of the country surrounding the upcoming election.  It probably defies description this year especially.  What I do know is that elections do tend to make people worry about their investments.  With that in mind I thought now might be a good time to do a… Read more »