Managing your financial life is not just about money.

It’s about decisions. At McNamara Financial, we help you make the right decisions for a better financial picture. Not just for your portfolio, but for your family and your future. We’re a financial services company, but we’re also a family company, and we manage more than just your money. Our mission is to help you effectively manage all aspects of your financial life.

Life Stage 1:
20s-early 50s

In this stage of your

life, you’re Accumulating

your financial assets.


Life Stage 2:
early 50s-mid 60s

Pre-retirees worry about

having enough money to

retire, and how to invest what

money they have.


Life Stage 3:
mid 60s-onward

As a Retiree you

need steady monthly

income from your investments

so you don’t run out of money.


Our Prospective Client Process

Get started on the path to a better financial picture, today. We offer two ways for our prospective clients to get started: initial in-person meetings and an online planning tool.

Marshfield High students get reality check at finance fair

Marshfield High School business students from all grades got a taste of the challenge of keeping a balanced budget at the first Smart With Money Finance Fair, sponsored by McNamara Financial Services, Inc., held Wednesday, April 2, at the Marshfield Country Club.


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Fishing teaches us many life lessons: patience, cooperation, and respect for nature…it’s also a lot of fun! As lifelong fishermen (and women), we enjoy taking our clients out on these trips.

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